Community Painting for Healing House, Madison-area Urban Ministry

Delighted to do a live intentional creativity painting for a fundraiser for Healing House, a respite center coming in Madison Wisconsin for children and families without housing who need medical care and time to rest. Really important that we do this as a community. Please donate here if it speaks to your heart and you are able: Healing House/.

I asked people to write their intention for people at Healing House what they wanted to experience, and then we painted and I brought it home and listened to the painting. Powerful process! It will be hung at the House, and until then will be at MUM.

30″ x 40″

Setting Down the Armor

jt 10/21/2017
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To walk in

Letting the Armor Go

service to 
the Divine
means setting aside
as much of the
ego as possible

so set down the armor,
cast it aside, hear the clank
as it falls to the ground.
walk naked into the beloved.

why do this?
to be noble?
selfish reasons —
your own walls
and weapons
skewer you into
a Valhalla of sorts

over and over again until
you realize the knives
the barriers
serve no one,

least of all yourself.


Another Soul Affirmation Class!

Yesterday I offered another Soul Affirmation class. One person was able to attend which enabled us to go deep for the six plus hours! Finding the right words that name the story is so important, so we really focused on the content first taking three-plus hours to ensure the words were right. Specific and genuine is key to making a successful deck help change the story, and she hit these out of the ballpark! This also showed me the value of offering one-on-one sessions or coaching sessions using this approach. All of the approaches have value and offer different benefits. Groups are wonderful in they enable the participants to witness each other and connect in community, often discovering their stories that hold them back are not just theirs. I would like to do a community art project around this too, maybe specifically for women somehow.

BUT going back to yesterday, I LOVE when participants are delighted with what they have created — I have seen it several times, including yesterday, when the person is holding their final deck and case and they start laughing from joy delighted they created something so beautiful! There is an immediate energetic shift. It reminds me of shamanic soul retrievals but more tactile and immediate for the person. When we were able to get the words right too for the deck, the person had a release of energy and joy — naming the right medicine is powerful!

I am so excited to be able to facilitate and hold space for people to do this work that is so healing and powerful! Look for virtual and in-person coaching offerings soon!

Suffering as Compost

Our Suffering should be composted in the earth, not kept in the kitchen to be stinky.

My partner said to me the other day: “learning the art of letting go, you are free to find your blessings.” Here is more of the context after a day when new memories came in.

** potential trigger ** if you have a history of sexual trauma please check in to see if you are in a space to read about it, and skip over if you might not be. Self-care is first. 🙂



Reflecting on skirts and dresses versus pants and this whole gender/identify/trans/feminism issues that seem to have triggered so much in so many in Madison lately. Skirts literally make access much easier to the private parts. They are rape-enabling clothing. This comes from personal experience as a child. I felt so much less safe.

I think one of the reasons the trans/women thing is so volatile is it’s overlaying profound violating wounds from both experiences.

My experience as a cis-woman – we live in a rape culture that revolves around violating the pussy, a biological organ that incurs harassment and violence at any age. Not that rape limited to only those who appear female — rape can and does happen to every gender — it literally is a wound any of us can carry no matter what our appearance or identification. But our culture teaches us it is grounded in being a woman, the harassment that can be daily. The assumption women are unsafe alone etc.

I think we need to name the wounds clearly as possible mindful as possible to not add extra baggage or assumptions. To name and own the pain. Stop ourselves from taking the easy step of hating on others who do not “fit” exactly our expectations. Because the pain is shared. Nobody by any category is special in being free of it.

My grandfather-pedaphiliac freak of a man called me George and referred to me as a “he” until the age of 7 when he stopped molesting me. I guess he knew it wasn’t safe for me to be a girl around him. Here’s a painting of me in a dress he molested me in when I was 7. She’s in a better spot now, protected by the flower, finally free to play.

Soulful Affirmation Card Workshop

Are you looking to create a stronger connection to yourself and others?

Are you looking to tap into a wellspring of energy that comes from you?

Are you looking to consciously engage in the stories you tell yourself, and leave behind the ones that prevent you from living life you truly desire?

If so, the Soulful Affirmation Card Deck class maybe for you! Using techniques as taught by Shiloh Sophia in Intentional Creativity, we will be making custom cards based on our inner guidance using watercolors and art supplies. No art skill is required to make a beautiful deck of cards, all supplies will be included including high quality 140 lb watercolor paper and glitter of course! These cards can be carried in your purse, set up on your altar, made into a prayer flag and no doubt other creative uses. They carry your intent and energy and invoke change steered by you!

This is a workshop/playshop designed to transform the stories that hold us back into the stories that call us forward. Many of us live with past beliefs about ourselves and our lives that keep us from creating the life we know we truly long for. When we allow ourselves to get those stories conscious, and bring them into the light through Intentional Creativity we have access to the very ‘soul’ of what needs to be transformed. These often shadowy and painful stories have become beliefs that are often truly holding us back in our lives: the story that you are running is often running your life. The amazing thing is that these stories provide us with the greatest insight into what it is we want to create by showing us where we have been living small, or have become asleep to our vitality.

This is an Intentional Creativity Workshop to Transform your old story into a soulful story through hand painted Affirmation Cards.

Each guest will leave the day with a set of at least (8) Affirmation cards they can use to explore a more soulful life. These cards represent the new story you are creating for your life.

Sliding scale is available, contact me!


Saturday September 23, 2017

September 23, 2017: 10 AM to 4 PM $50 Please notify me if you plan on attending. Payment $55 at the door.

We will have a Red Thread circle, guided meditations, supplies and time which will result in at least 8 custom cards you create tailored for what you need. No art experience necessary. Snacks, art supplies included. Lunch is bring your own or you may go to a nearby restaurant.
Purchase Now for September 23, 2017!
(Paypal & credit card accepted.)

Sample cards and pics from previous classes.

About me: I am an artist and follow a shamanic path, currently enrolled in the Color of Woman School. Teaching this Soulful Card Deck class is part of the curriculum. The deck class and school itself was developed by the remarkable artist and teacher Shiloh Sophia who has developed techniques for people to shift their story consciously using art.

I have enjoyed art since I was a small child, and I am a survivor of sexual abuse. Art has helped me heal on my journey, and now I wish to hold space for people to shift their own wounds from a place of suffering to a place of power. We cannot change what is, but we can change our relationship to it. Blessed be! I am grateful to be on this journey with you.