Jillyhop Offerings

2018 is arriving! And 2018 is the Year of Self-Love for Jillyhop container for all classes. Look for a New Year retreat for visioning and creating sacred space using intention and art.

All classes are available as one-on-one coaching sessions as well as for special events in your life such as bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, blessing ways, and even when loved ones are dying. All activities are meant to be relaxing and connecting in with one’s creative side to bring change that you desire into your life. All classes have snacks and an altar for a supportive, luscious atmosphere in sacred space.

Interested in any of these and they’re not on the schedule? Reach out to let me know what you’d like. I typically need two or more people to run the class.

Noodle Doodles

2 hours, donation recommended $0 -15 sliding scale

Weekly 2-hour meetings where we have a red thread circle and work in our art journals, often using Intentional Creativity methods. Past themes include Chakra Flowers, What is Your Song, Lunar Goddess Wheel working with the lunar cycles and intent, Percolating Teapot, visioning board, and mini- versions of Red Thread Sessions of Medicine Basket, Soulful Affirmation Deck, and House of Hearth. Art supplies provided, and these classes are donation driven intended to be accessible to all.

Red Thread Sessions

4 hours, $20-50 sliding scale

Classes part of Intentional Creativity created by Shiloh Sophia, offer an opportunity to go deeper into changing the story of your life. What happens when we consciously author our life and create the stories we tell ourselves? See below for a selection of Red Thread classes.

Soulful Affirmation Deck

Are you holding yourself back from the stories you tell yourself? Using color, paint, watercolor paper, and your story, create an 8-card deck of affirmations through meditational prompts coming from within you that will bring you the results you want. Learn more about this class!


Medicine Basket

Come discover the gifts you have had all along! Using meditation and colors, create your personalized medicine basket to discover core qualities of your gifts for the world.


House of Heart

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong here on earth? Feel like an outsider? If so, consider attending this class.

House of Heart Painting

13-Step Paintings

8-16 hours, $50-100 sliding scale

Full day workshop of painting and connecting to an aspect of yourself. Meet Your Muse, Paint Your Soul Purpose, and others.No art experience necessary! This is about creating space for right-brain activity and flow to have a deeper connection to yourself and your Soul.


Community Paintings

Focused on a theme, community paintings are created by the event’s participants facilitated by jillyhop. Themes could include: “What do you want community to be?” or “What do you love about the wedded couple?”, “What gifts and honoring do you wish to give to Sally as she moves into womanhood?”, and so on. The end result will be a beautiful painting holding the energy of the group.