Welcoming in 2018

Welcoming in 2018

The wheel of the year offers us a way to organize and focus on how we work with rhythms, the sacred feminine of the spiral and tides and lunar orbital energies. I am including here a meditation the Spirits gave me for my last class Breathing Out 2017. They asked I share it here, and it isn’t the smoothest guided visualization I have offered but it does offer some experience which you can access your inner wisdom for 2018 and key focus points, journaling out what you experience.

Guided Visualization for Welcoming in 2018

by Jen Thompson

2018 is the Year of Self-Love for all of Jillyhop’s classes and products. I will be offering a number of Intentional Creativity paintings and Red Thread Ceremonies, as well as more straightforward art classes using Alcohol Inks, watercolors, and acrylic multi-media. All of them wil be in this container of Self-Love. I invite you to join me on this journey intentionally learning how to improve self-care and genuine love for oneself. Our culture teaches us, particularly women, to put ourselves last and that we do not matter. Self-centered is exactly where we need to be — centered in ourselves — to make the best choices for ourselves and for others. The world needs us more than ever to step up and step out, but we can only do this if we have a clear connection to ourselves and give ourselves the space to connect within and allow love to flow through us and to us.

Stay Tuned… Classes 2018

Altar Making

Altar-making January 2018 – As women have known throughout the ages, altars help us create intentional space for transformation and guidance within. The 3D world of earth and matter is what makes up the altar space — filling up the sense of fabric, symbols, icons and deities, pictures, and the elements engaging the senses. The first Red Thread of the year will be a class on altar-making, a visual meditation, art journaling, and we will make votive candle holders with colored tissue paper and words to initiate our altars for 2018. January X, 2018 suggested donation $10-20, sliding scale, all supplies provided including tea and snacks. This meeting wlil set the seeds of intention and begin the inquiry of what the fruits of 2018 will be.


February: Soul Affirmation Deck & Vision-board & Alcohol Ink Tiles
March: Diva X, 13-Step Painting 

Another Soul Affirmation Class!

Yesterday I offered another Soul Affirmation class. One person was able to attend which enabled us to go deep for the six plus hours! Finding the right words that name the story is so important, so we really focused on the content first taking three-plus hours to ensure the words were right. Specific and genuine is key to making a successful deck help change the story, and she hit these out of the ballpark! This also showed me the value of offering one-on-one sessions or coaching sessions using this approach. All of the approaches have value and offer different benefits. Groups are wonderful in they enable the participants to witness each other and connect in community, often discovering their stories that hold them back are not just theirs. I would like to do a community art project around this too, maybe specifically for women somehow.

BUT going back to yesterday, I LOVE when participants are delighted with what they have created — I have seen it several times, including yesterday, when the person is holding their final deck and case and they start laughing from joy delighted they created something so beautiful! There is an immediate energetic shift. It reminds me of shamanic soul retrievals but more tactile and immediate for the person. When we were able to get the words right too for the deck, the person had a release of energy and joy — naming the right medicine is powerful!

I am so excited to be able to facilitate and hold space for people to do this work that is so healing and powerful! Look for virtual and in-person coaching offerings soon!

New Classes!

New Classes!

I’ll be offering Tuesday Night Art Journaling classes at Matrix Coworking — donation only. It will be super fun with themes for each night using color to explore, kicking off with a Red Thread Circle in connection to the moon. Through Spirit, I developed a Lunar calendar which you have the option of using in your art journal to explore while being mindful of where the Moon is in her cycle. This is meant to be super fun, focusing on the process and intuitive painting/creation rather than any specific end result.

Topics we’ll explore include Tree of Life, Thread Art, Stone Gifts. Stay tuned for further information!

Grounding Page form Cat Geller’s Cosmic Smashbooking!


Online Learning!

There are so many wonderful artists teaching online! Look around YouTube and usually you can find “free” videos from teachers to give you an idea of what they are about. Some of my favorites:

Online Artists – where to keep your creative juices flowing online! Here’s a few of their youtube links (great way to get free info on how they work to help you decide if you want to do the paid versions):

If you are interested in online women artists and groups, definitely checkout the Woman Unleashed group. It’s filled with fantastic creative women doing all sorts of projects, and Amber, a painter and coach who created the group, offers during Christmas holidays fantastic free online retreat for women with a smorgasborg of kick butt women artists and healers (it’s how I found Shiloh as she was one of the teachers). Amber offers various free things during the year too, and the group is a safe place to share your artwork and see other creative women’s work going on.

Also, I find it’s Skillshare a great place for useful, short and fun classes learning, particularly in watercolor that has a monthly cost but access to all videos (they do marketing classes and other things too).

Most importantly have fun! Explore and experiment, and let your heart flow into all you do!