Rooted in Red

Tprayer-hearthinking about effective prayer. Thinking how the Clintons wore purple. Thinking about The Shift Network event to process with “love” how the election turned out. They too wore purple.

We need to be in the earth right now. Fuck the purple fucking chakra. We need to be rooted in red. We need our bodies here. The planet does.

To me good prayer is when we are connected to the dirt in our bones and the blood in our heart.

Good prayer comes from connecting to our heart into this world. It evokes tears. Laughter. We feel the prayer. That is what is needed right now.

This is in part reflecting on Myron’s recent email about how we need to be heart-1-tinyengaged and not just praying. I realized this AM that there are two different kinds of praying I have seen — one that hands over the power to what will be will be (I saw this as a child in my uncle’s Lutheran ways) absolving the one praying from any action or responsibility for the condition of the earth, and a prayer that connects to the holy spirit, to fire, to help bring change into what is (Alexander Gee Jr talks about this kind of prayer). Very different perspectives — one is to accept the world, one is to help bring change in heart and action.