Setting Down the Armor

jt 10/21/2017
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To walk in

Letting the Armor Go

service to 
the Divine
means setting aside
as much of the
ego as possible

so set down the armor,
cast it aside, hear the clank
as it falls to the ground.
walk naked into the beloved.

why do this?
to be noble?
selfish reasons —
your own walls
and weapons
skewer you into
a Valhalla of sorts

over and over again until
you realize the knives
the barriers
serve no one,

least of all yourself.


On the Right to Create

“Cauldron of Creation”

Reflecting if we are here to be making love to the earth all the time. If we are here to create and bring forth our ideas into matter.

And I think about myself and others. How quickly we stop ourselves from imagining and creating because we think and tell ourselves that we are not good enough. We ask: who are we? Who are we to do such things as to imagine and try and express? Who are we to not be amazing all the time?

Part of my purpose and sharing my doodles and my words is to model and help normalize mediocre expressions. Some things I make are remarkable. But a lot more or not. And that is beautiful!

That is part of the purpose ! I suppose judging anything to be good or bad, beautiful ugly mediocre etc. etc. etc. is in truth meaningless. It might be better to say I create things I don’t like. And I’m OK with that. But I still catch myself to think who am I to even make this post?

“And I got lost in the forest of deception.”

And that is why I want to teach art classes to people. Why I want to hold space for people to create. This is our right and part of who we are as humans. And there are so many strangulations that try to stop us that are built into our culture, and we absorb into so it becomes our negative self-talk and for what reason? How dangerous is it to be mediocre? How dangerous is it to make mediocre art? Mediocre words?

We are so terrified of being judged. And in fact we may be judged by many. We have been trained to judge ourselves and others. We have been trained to hurt others to acquiesce and to not imagine but to be conforming in that gray gray world of that children’s book .with the various Miss Which’s.

But all the imagination is your treasure. The imagination in your heart is your treasure to explore. And it isn’t necessarily art or colors that you use. But the way you think, the words you choose, the decisions you make on what you like and do not like. It can be simply how you engage in the world. Yes. All the imagination is yours and yours to discover. 

What we are here to do

What we are here to do

Each and every one of us has a place.

There are no outsiders.
There is no fight.

We are to remember our place.
In remembering, we honor our soul.

Inadvertently assisting others
in finding their own place,
as we live from ours.

And this, this, they may call peace.

Jen Thompson 3/12/05