Setting Down the Armor

jt 10/21/2017
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To walk in

Letting the Armor Go

service to 
the Divine
means setting aside
as much of the
ego as possible

so set down the armor,
cast it aside, hear the clank
as it falls to the ground.
walk naked into the beloved.

why do this?
to be noble?
selfish reasons —
your own walls
and weapons
skewer you into
a Valhalla of sorts

over and over again until
you realize the knives
the barriers
serve no one,

least of all yourself.


What we are here to do

What we are here to do

Each and every one of us has a place.

There are no outsiders.
There is no fight.

We are to remember our place.
In remembering, we honor our soul.

Inadvertently assisting others
in finding their own place,
as we live from ours.

And this, this, they may call peace.

Jen Thompson 3/12/05

Mulching the Fear

Mulching the Fear

Oh Great Ones
Help us to mulch our fears
Dug deep into the ground
Deep in to the ground

Where they feed the Mother
Feeding the Mother as she
Converts it into the blessings of
Marigolds, Whipperwillows, and dragonsnappers.

Bless the seeds.
Bless our fears.
Great Ones Bless Our Fears
Bless our Terror.

by Jen Thompson 2004