Community Painting for Healing House, Madison-area Urban Ministry

Delighted to do a live intentional creativity painting for a fundraiser for Healing House, a respite center coming in Madison Wisconsin for children and families without housing who need medical care and time to rest. Really important that we do this as a community. Please donate here if it speaks to your heart and you are able: Healing House/.

I asked people to write their intention for people at Healing House what they wanted to experience, and then we painted and I brought it home and listened to the painting. Powerful process! It will be hung at the House, and until then will be at MUM.

30″ x 40″

Certified Color of Woman Instructor!

Excited to announce I am now a Certified Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity Teacher! It’s been a beautiful voyage with lots of amazing women into the self and bringing back some gems to share with the world. Find your gems, it’s rewarding.  Learn more here:

One of the things I Learned for the first time in IC (intentional creativity) was you can start out not knowing. Not painting the final image. Most of us want to paint some “THI


NG” and it is formed and complete and done in our head and we want to bring it forward. With IC you start in the not knowing. There is framework and a map and a journey to discover the “THING” but it isn’t right away. It’s consciously way to start the journey into your heart with intent. #doorways #intentionalcreativity 


Had fantastic time bringing my easel and paints to South Side Farmer’s Market on Sunday, September 10, 2017! I invited people to participate by writing in words that represented what they wanted to see in our community and then asked them to help paint it too! This is a variation of Intentional Creativity training I am in, but rather than individual putting intent into the painting, it was everyone who walked by and was selling if they chose to participate! Loved seeing the words people selected and thought they put into it. Looking to put this painting up at the local south side library!


Another Soul Affirmation Class!

Yesterday I offered another Soul Affirmation class. One person was able to attend which enabled us to go deep for the six plus hours! Finding the right words that name the story is so important, so we really focused on the content first taking three-plus hours to ensure the words were right. Specific and genuine is key to making a successful deck help change the story, and she hit these out of the ballpark! This also showed me the value of offering one-on-one sessions or coaching sessions using this approach. All of the approaches have value and offer different benefits. Groups are wonderful in they enable the participants to witness each other and connect in community, often discovering their stories that hold them back are not just theirs. I would like to do a community art project around this too, maybe specifically for women somehow.

BUT going back to yesterday, I LOVE when participants are delighted with what they have created — I have seen it several times, including yesterday, when the person is holding their final deck and case and they start laughing from joy delighted they created something so beautiful! There is an immediate energetic shift. It reminds me of shamanic soul retrievals but more tactile and immediate for the person. When we were able to get the words right too for the deck, the person had a release of energy and joy — naming the right medicine is powerful!

I am so excited to be able to facilitate and hold space for people to do this work that is so healing and powerful! Look for virtual and in-person coaching offerings soon!

Being Human, Power of Intentional Creativity

Being Human, Power of Intentional Creativity

Marketing and color and words that our senses take in on a daily basis primarily feed the fear and judgment of the self and other. Regardless if we are conscious or not, believe in it or not, humans are programmed. The only choice we have is to be mindful and deliberate of what is programmed into us or (mostly) we allow whatever to program us. Culture is not our friend in this regard. We are grown in a petri dish of division and self-hate.

Art and poetry is an antidote to this hence #intentionalcreativity. This morning I was feeling the profound grief of the collective, and just the profound sadness of so many people, so I felt it and wailed away in my basement allowing tears and sounds to flow. It’s a little odd, but it moves through me and I don’t feel sad or grief after it passes.

And today I thought about how my teacher Shiloh talks about including events in her paintings, and I have definitely felt painting as prayer and working with Spirit — so today I am going to go get me a mother effin’ huge canvas that will hold the world in it!

And as feelings come up that are not mine from the collective, I will paint them in and I will paint in prayers for people and events steered by the suffering and stupid, fear mongering crap being pulsed into the collective. Art is medicine, it’s one antidote of consciously changing what our senses bring in.

Super thrilled with Intentional Creativity.

New Classes!

New Classes!

I’ll be offering Tuesday Night Art Journaling classes at Matrix Coworking — donation only. It will be super fun with themes for each night using color to explore, kicking off with a Red Thread Circle in connection to the moon. Through Spirit, I developed a Lunar calendar which you have the option of using in your art journal to explore while being mindful of where the Moon is in her cycle. This is meant to be super fun, focusing on the process and intuitive painting/creation rather than any specific end result.

Topics we’ll explore include Tree of Life, Thread Art, Stone Gifts. Stay tuned for further information!

Grounding Page form Cat Geller’s Cosmic Smashbooking!