Certified Color of Woman Instructor!

Excited to announce I am now a Certified Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity Teacher! It’s been a beautiful voyage with lots of amazing women into the self and bringing back some gems to share with the world. Find your gems, it’s rewarding.  Learn more here: http://www.intentionalcreativityfoundation.org/

One of the things I Learned for the first time in IC (intentional creativity) was you can start out not knowing. Not painting the final image. Most of us want to paint some “THI


NG” and it is formed and complete and done in our head and we want to bring it forward. With IC you start in the not knowing. There is framework and a map and a journey to discover the “THING” but it isn’t right away. It’s consciously way to start the journey into your heart with intent. #doorways #intentionalcreativity 

Talisman: the Beginning

The painting is born. 24″ x 48″

In Color of Woman, we have embarked on the journey to create and meet our Talisman starting on May 1, 2017. The container is deliberate and alive, created by the participants and the leadership–it is a collective container and an individual one simultaneously. We are on a journey to make our own deliberate archetype. We begin with our intention, journeying into ourselves to bring back the words to be inscribed on the canvas after we bless it with water, after we fill our hearts with the feeling of our intent. And then to journey into the colors that will help bring forth what yearns to be expressed.

Color of Woman method is a constant criss-crossing between the worlds, between ordinary reality and our deep consciousness, between the left and right brain, all expressed on the canvas itself. Intent, emotion fused into the paint and water made manifest, and documented via a journal. My journal captures thoughts and reflections as I go through the process.

On a technical note, my beautiful Escoba brushes showed up just as I started the doorway. Tools make a difference, and these brushes truly are wonderful to lay paint down in a way that is gentle and easy. If you do acrylic painting, I really recommend them if you are looking for better brush experience. I got mine through someone in CoW recommending MerriArtist.com.



Source Prayer

Oh River Flowing Through Me

Love without End!

Golden Manna that heals

And flows throughout the universe!

Hear my call!

I call upon you to help me remember who I am!

May divine light surge throughout and clear what is hidden,

lighting the way for all beings to find their way home.

May the Chalice of Truth and Love light the way,

Strengthening our vision and our hearts so we maybe fully present to what is.

Blessed Be.

– Jen Thompson

My Vision Quest

May the fires from which I have been born from be of use. My quest.

I, Jennifer Karen Thompson, am on a Quest! I am on a Quest to commit to myself and my desire to help others through art, including myself. To use color and paint and brushes and surfaces to bridge the worlds of the seen and unseen, unhealed and healed.

I commit to being here on the earth, and commit to discovering my guides and allies to walk the path forward in the dark, allowing my Muse and Legend to guide me, offering windows of light to find my way. Knowing I am not alone. Building my strength through these alliances with myself and the spirit world.

I am on Quest to find my Beloveds! Those who I am meant to meet and teach, those who will benefit and grow from our relationship. I am on Quest to hold space! Tending the space where my Beloveds find themselves and do the healing they need to birth themselves once again to be more authentically here at this time. Bearing witness is sacred, and is being a midwife for others’ healing themselves, birthing themselves. I am on Quest to learn how to best create this container, this space to hold others so they can do their own work. I am on a quest to find the Beloveds who are committed to their growth, who recognize their value and choose to go into uncomfortable places for their own healing.

I am on Quest to find the tools I need to express the magician I am, tilting the kaleidoscope of perception to see things a little differently, differently enough to birth possibilities not seen before, possibilities born from love and truth.

I am on a Quest to let my suffering go, to ground myself deep in the earth, into our Mother, walking so I hold her and her well-being in the center of my actions. Holding the Sword of Truth unwavering in middle of my Heart.

I am on a Quest to deepen the senses, to honor the Earth and all she brings to us in our blood and bone body walking the planet. Flowers are angels here. May I honor the spaces and stay true.

I am on a Quest to find ways to help others and myself move our wounds from a place of suffering to a place of power. To move the patterns in our eggs so they no longer sit in the past dictating the future, but are fluid and driven by conscious desire. I am on a Quest to find the strength and power for us to be present to what is and what has been to clear the decks to consciously and intentionally create what can be.

I am on a Quest to find my Leadership style, where I lead in creating spaces that honor all beings, the Divine Feminine, that honor life itself and all her inhabitants. I am on Quest to become a Circle-Keeper, a Hearth-Maker, a Stone-Keeper, honoring the Grove in which we all inhabit finding my place holding the Red Thread of my birth right. Honoring my call. May I be fearless. May the light be clear, may the path be clear, may my own healing emerge in gentleness as I journey into my Quest.

I am on a Quest to learn and understand, to not judge myself but change where needed to be more fully who I am as a leader in my community. The reason is there is no more time to say “Maybe Later” or “Another Day” – I only have limited time here. I say YES! My heart is open.

In gratitude to Cosmic Cowgirls, Shiloh Sophia, and all those who have helped me on my journey here. Blessings to all beings,

Jen Thompson