Community Painting for Healing House, Madison-area Urban Ministry

Delighted to do a live intentional creativity painting for a fundraiser for Healing House, a respite center coming in Madison Wisconsin for children and families without housing who need medical care and time to rest. Really important that we do this as a community. Please donate here if it speaks to your heart and you are able: Healing House/.

I asked people to write their intention for people at Healing House what they wanted to experience, and then we painted and I brought it home and listened to the painting. Powerful process! It will be hung at the House, and until then will be at MUM.

30″ x 40″

Healing Needed

The healing needed in the feminine is so deep. Not only as victims but as perpetrators. How do we bring to the light what needs to be seen in order to be healed? And for us all to become whole? We cannot be whole without seeing what is and to own the junk as much as the beauty. We are all judas and jesus, all the evil wolf and the good wolf. Take this time as an opportunity to make yourselves whole to see with love what is. Gentleness and truth is the key to healing.

Certified Color of Woman Instructor!

Excited to announce I am now a Certified Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity Teacher! It’s been a beautiful voyage with lots of amazing women into the self and bringing back some gems to share with the world. Find your gems, it’s rewarding.  Learn more here:

One of the things I Learned for the first time in IC (intentional creativity) was you can start out not knowing. Not painting the final image. Most of us want to paint some “THI


NG” and it is formed and complete and done in our head and we want to bring it forward. With IC you start in the not knowing. There is framework and a map and a journey to discover the “THING” but it isn’t right away. It’s consciously way to start the journey into your heart with intent. #doorways #intentionalcreativity 

Setting Down the Armor

jt 10/21/2017
#todaysmessage #todaysdoodle #todayspoem

To walk in

Letting the Armor Go

service to 
the Divine
means setting aside
as much of the
ego as possible

so set down the armor,
cast it aside, hear the clank
as it falls to the ground.
walk naked into the beloved.

why do this?
to be noble?
selfish reasons —
your own walls
and weapons
skewer you into
a Valhalla of sorts

over and over again until
you realize the knives
the barriers
serve no one,

least of all yourself.