This list is not exhaustive but an attempt to get you started in #artjournaling. See an Amazon list I put together.

  • Canson Mixed Media Notebook: love this as it can handle some watercolor, so it’s my current ideal art journal.
  • Canson Watercolor Paper: great cheap paper to experiment on; Michael’s stocks it as well as most art shops
  • Water-based Sharpie White Markers: great on acrylic and watercolor, permanent once dry and can be used for some stunning effects
  • Posca Markers: waterbased, acrylic markers that you can use on top or under watercolor and acrylic
  • Noodler Black ink: dark ink for brushwork and dip pen. Solid black is fantastic.

In another post, I’ll touch on watercolors and acrylics, as well as brushes. Short recommendation is to get tube colors (Windsor & Newton student grade at Wisconsin Craft Market), and a foldable, small palette, as well as a refillable water brush — easy to carry around and good colors.

Art Supply Stores, Madison

Madison, WI

  • Lynn’s: awesome, locally-owned fine art & knitting store. Great collection of art supplies from watercolor to acrylic to inking, on Odana on West side
  • Artist and Craftsmen Supply: national chain, maybe broadest available supplies
  • Wisconsin Craft Market: good discount on brushes and paint, limited fine art supply but has all the basics; on near west side off Whitney Way and Beltline
  • Michaels: almost always has 40% off coupon; Canson notebooks, canvases available at good prices, some brushes etc.
  • Hobby Lobby: almost always has 40% off coupon; sometimes great deals on paper and notebooks

Online Shopping

  • Dick Blick has fantastic prices and huge portfolio of stuff
  • for awhile only source for Posca pens (not sure if still true); I put together a list of my favorite supplies here too.
  • Cheap Joes: sometimes has cheaper prices; dick blick normally is better in my experience

What are your favorite supplies? Add your comments below as I’d love to hear from you!