Are you on a quest to connect more deeply with your Soul and your purpose?

Do you desire to wake up to see things as they truly are?

Do you desire to write a new story for yourself?

One that is conscious and deliberate, reflecting your values?

Then you have found the right place! Creativity belongs to all of us, not just to a select few. Each of us creates each and every day by the decisions we make. The most important question is: are we conscious in our creation? What are we intending to create? Western culture has systematically tried to stomp conscious creativity out, belittling it — making it less-than, frivolous, and childish – all because in truth it is the most powerful tool we carry. Creativity as Helen Kiebesadle says is a radical act of reclamation. It is THE tool to solve today’s issues steeped in fear and false polarities. Our culture teaches us to listen to the outer world, and to minimize and close off listening to our inner compass, our inner muse. I am here to help re-birth and re-awaken the heart within people through art and teaching, to give strength to look and to see what is in front of us – be it comfortable or not.

Muse: Birther of Worlds
30″ x40″ Acrylic

All of my offerings are created to connect you with yourself, learning to listen and discover your inner Muse and inner wisdom. I firmly believe if we loved ourselves and listened to what we already know inside, our planet and communities would be in very different place. We are facing unparalleled challenges as a society, where each of us is needed to show up and express who we are on the planet. And my role that I see right now is to help catalyze people to do that. To make room for possibilities. To make space to listen within. To say You Are ENOUGH, and you are needed, and only you can discover what your mission is.



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